Friday, 16 January 2015

Hospital Appointment

Hello readers,

Today I saw my Cardiologist and all is good for me anyway!!

My sats are good, although my iron levels need topping up, so an infusion has been arranged for ASAP!! Hopefully it'll stop me looking like a 'ghost' and wanting to sleep all the time!!

I did well on the 6MWT and apparently it's my personal best, so I'm happy!!!! :)

My heart muscle is still strong and he's happy for me to stay on Sildenafil 100mg three times a day! So that's great news!! No tablet changing yet!

I did complain about my legs being in so much pain, but unfortunately it's part of my condition, where not enough oxygen and blood will go to my lower limbs... I just have to live with it. Co-codamol at night it is then!!!

Anyway, I am happy that I am stable at the moment and will get on with living life to the full, keeping positive as always! Next appointment is in July 2015! Fingers crossed it's still good news for me! :)

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