Life Poem

From The Heart

So, 2008 here’s the deal
I got diagnosed with a heart condition, how do I feel?
To tell my story where do I begin,
Except to say I’m feeling rather grim.
I’m 17 lying in a hospital bed,
I’ve had loads of scans and tests, all the things we dread.
I might not live ‘til I’m 18,
I’m hoping all this is just a dream!
All this is due to a hole in the heart,
This makes me terrified for a start.
This had led to an illness called PH,
Not knowing what this is, I was in a state.
I then get told that there is no cure,
So I’m always hoping for one, that’s for sure.
PH is a lung and heart condition unknown to all,
I try to keep strong, but sometimes I fall.
The questions I ask myself, like, am I dying?
Then pull myself together, look at the obstacles I’m so far defying!
It’s hard to live when it tries to hold me back,
But I’m determined to keep going on the right track.
Chest pain and breathlessness is what I deal with,
But I’m thankful for each day that I get to live.
I have to take lots of tablets each day,
And keep infections, coughs and germs at bay.
The pains in my body are sometimes so bad,
That yes I do cry and get so sad.
Yes life can be tough, but I get by,
A double transplant one day I’ll have to try.
But 'til that day when my health gets worse,
I get to lead this wonderful life first.
Trade knows me as a musician,
Playing piano, cello, trumpet, despite my condition.
My music has got me through such tough times,
Just being able to play, reading line after line.
With hope and determination, I went to Southampton Uni,
And after getting my degree I knew nothing could stop me!
I came home and opened my own music business,
It worked well with all my hospital visits.
I then got a job offer in the Middle East,
The docs allowed me to travel, which was a feat!
I’m now off to Cambridge to study a Masters Degree,
To get a qualification in Music Therapy.
This is where I use music to help those who are ill,
It’s worked for me, so I’m hoping for them it will.
As for fitness, I can’t go for a jog or a run,
So I pole dance instead, which is ever such fun!
My parents and close friends will always be there,
With love and support because I know they care.
Strong and positive I will always will be,
Fighting a battle you will never see.
Finally I want to thank those at Royal Brompton Hospital,
As without their team I wouldn’t have got through it all!
So don’t judge me, try and walk in my shoes,
There really is nothing to lose.
Just see how far you can really get,
‘Cause you’ll realise how strong this girl is that you’ve just met!

What is Pulmonary Hypertension... click here 

© Maritess Dunn 2014

  2017 - I have now graduated with an MA in Music Therapy, 

bought a house and have got married! :)


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  1. Wooowww!!you left me speechless and I have tears in my eyes. You are a very inspiurational person Tess. keep it up xxxx