Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MA Year 1 - I've passed!!

Hello readers,

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get over my tiredness from Uni and I was in A&E on Monday due to severe chest pains, after climbing 2 flights of stairs. I went straight on to Oxygen and my sats started to increase. I had the usual x-rays and ECG, both came back 'normal' for me.. so nothing serious! I was let out in time for my final day at Uni! To be honest, I think I've done my usual and over done it lately, what with stress of exams, and lots of musical activities happening at the same time, but I love what I do, and I'm still determined that PH isn't going to hold me back!!!

Got to love Oxygen!!!

On a good note though... Today is all about celebrations! 

I have passed the first year of my Masters Degree in Music Therapy. It's been a very difficult year as my health hasn't been that great this year and I've also being coping with grievance as my father sadly passed away at the beginning of the year. The support I have received throughout the months from close friends, my mum, my boyfriend, course mates and lecturers has been outstanding. I definitely wouldn't be celebrating my great results now without these people in my life.

Music Therapy Course Friends

However, I have made it, and I am looking forward to a holiday-filled summer!!

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  1. Well done Tess, such an inspirational young lady and a pleasure to know.