Saturday, 10 October 2015

Another month has passed!

Hello Readers,

It’s been a month since my last post where I was campaigning for people to join the Organ Donation register. I’m hoping many people have considered this and are now part of the ‘Gift of Life.’

It’s an extremely busy time of the year for me as the second year of my MA Music Therapy course has now begun. At the start of the month I was poorly and ended up in hospital again, but that was sorted quickly and I was back on my feet within a week.

After missing the first day of Uni, I returned on 5th and it’s good to get stuck in again. Even though I do have to start writing my 15,000-word dissertation. A title, which is yet to be decided – I better, get my thinking cap on!!

Whilst studying for my Masters, I am currently attending rehearsals as I'm Music Directing 2 Pantomime’s for end of Nov/Dec. The first one being Cinderella with KYDS, and the other Godilocks and the 3 Bears with Knyghts Variety. I'm also continuing my new job as a part-time Music Teacher, which I am absolutely loving and teaching for my own music business, Treble Tess Music.

….So yes, my life is rather hectic at the moment, but I must remember if I want to continue this lifestyle, a rather busy but enjoyable one, then I need to pace myself as much as I can and keep everything under control to avoid unnecessary stress and hospital visits!!! I would like to return to my consultant in January and tell him that despite my busy life schedule, I've been able to pace myself, allowing me to keep well - least I've had my flu vaccination!

At the end of this month, I will be attending the Pulmonary Hypertension conference in Oxford. I am very excited to meet fellow PH-ers and attend seminars and presentations from healthcare professionals and those who are living with PH. It'll be good to support those who are behind all the good work of PHA-UK. Our charity who help research and awareness for PH.

As always I thank my family, boyfriend and close friends for their continuous support and understanding and I can’t wait to celebrate with them for my upcoming birthday in November! I’ll be 25, so another milestone for me, since my Pulmonary Hypertension diagnosis as a 17 year old.

I love my Paddy <3


  1. You are such an inspiration dear Tess. A bright and shining star!! xxx Pam n Alan

  2. Tess another lovely blog. I am so looking forward to seeing you at the conference. Keep it up my ph friend, let's not let this ph beat us xx