Thursday, 17 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas

Hello Readers,

Wow! What a crazy month it’s been since my last post!! It’s been so busy with Pantos and end of semester work for Uni!

Firstly, my health has been up and down. I’ve been so busy I feel physically drained! I’ve managed to get through to the Christmas holidays, but my body is telling me to slow down now! Even though I have work for Uni to do, I will chill out and enjoy as well, otherwise my body will make me rest and I’ll end up in hospital! Last thing I need at Christmas time!!!!

Secondly, Cinderella, the Panto with KYDS went extremely well and I’m very fortunate to work with such a talented and great group of kids! They put on 3 fantastic performances and the audiences loved it!

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the Panto with Knyghts Variety went extremely well too! It’s so great being part of a fun and energetic group and I’ve had such a good time playing piano for them. Again, they put on 3 fantastic performances in which the audience had a great time!

I can’t believe the shows are over for another year, but it’s been so much fun being part of both groups and hopefully I will work with them again next year!

Whilst juggling panto rehearsals, I’ve been attending Uni and I’m still writing my MA dissertation! Writing for the dissertation is in full swing and I’m setting myself deadlines to finish chapters of the essay. Slowly but surely I will get there!! My final improvisation exam on the 14th went well too, I think! Haha!

So that’s it, I’ve finished Semester 1 of my final MA year! Only 5 more months to get this dissertation written and sit my final exams! Time is flying!!

On the 13th December it was my Dad’s anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a year since his passing. Each day I think of him and something reminds me of him, but I know he’s watching over me and he’ll always be in my heart forever!

My music teaching business is slowly winding down for Christmas. A few more lessons to teach next week and then it’s holiday time! I’m so excited for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So much planned, Christmas dinners and parties and I can’t wait to spend it with family and friends!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and NYE. See you in 2016!!! I know 2016 is going to be amazing... so much to look forward to!!!

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  1. Wow Tess, you have been busy. So proud of all you have managed to achieve whilst living with ph. Yes, fine for a chill time now, your dad will be watching over you. And nudging you when you have overdone it. Much love Tess xxxxf