Monday, 4 December 2017

Relationships & Illness

Dear Readers,

One thing that is sad about battling illnesses is that relationships break.

Sudden illnesses affect yourself and those around you. People won't understand, they think you're making excuses, they just won't listen. You want to do everything you used to do before diagnosis, truth is, you can't!

Life is about making the most of it, no one knows when their time is up and sometimes if you want to save a relationship you have to move on and be the bigger person.

Struggling with an illness everyday is hard enough without the added stress of reminding yourself of what someone has done.

Illness can be a big deal breaker and sadly not all relationships are reconciled, some go too far that forgiveness is too difficult due to reasons personal to those involved.

Be the bigger person, move on, but never forget how they made you feel. Go forth and live life and enjoy your life with those who lift you up, not bring you down!

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