Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Blue Badge Discrimination

Dear Readers,

This week I’ve done a new video on Blue Badge Discrimination! 

Being a sufferer of PH is difficult every day. Not just because I have cope with my symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue and breathlessness, but because of looking well on the outside. 

I have a blue badge due to this as I cannot walk very far, but I get discriminated a lot for using it! I am young, I drive a Mini, but because of this I get loads of insults! Why should it matter what car I drive?! Are “disabled people” not allowed nice cars?!

Please watch this video and try to understand how all these insults hurt us. Stories of other PH’ers will show up, please pause and read them. Also, you will see the results to a poll of which I did before filming this video... the results are shocking, but it sadly doesn’t surprise me!!! 

You will realise this is a daily problem for all those out there with an invisible illness! 

Once you have watched the video, please share it and help me to stamp down on Blue Badge Discrimination!!

Thank you for reading!

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