Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Hello 2019

Dear Readers,

We're in the New Year of 2019! Happy New Year!

I really am looking forward to this year, I think it's going to be a good one, but whatever happens I will keep positive and PHighting and making the most of every day.

Terry and I had a super time with our mates for New Year's Eve. We went to our annual NYE reunion and we always have a good laugh. No matter the length of time we go from to seeing one another due to life commitments, it's like we've never been apart when we're together. We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends.

If you get a moment take a look at the new PHA UK website, PHocus on Lifestyle. It really is a very good website with lots of information and PH stories. If there is something missing that you want to know about or add to the website, then make sure you contact the PHA UK as they are always up for feedback and suggestions.

I'm off to the Royal Brompton Hospital on Friday 25th January for my usual PH clinic, so I'll be sure to update you on that when it soon comes around. Until then, I'm back to my music teaching business, which I love as I can choose my own hours and I don't have to drive anyway, so it's very chilled out and not stressful for me, which is the main thing! Terry starts his new job this week, so he's very excited and I'm sure he'll settle in quickly.

Hope you all had a great NYE and I look forward to sharing my PH journey of 2019 with you this year! Thank you again for your continuous support and keep a watch out for any upcoming videos on my Youtube channel... subscribe here.

Until next time, keep well and warm.

Thanks for reading!

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