Monday, 28 January 2019

PH Clinic

Dear Readers,

On Friday 25th January I attended my routine appointment at my PH clinic at the Royal Brompton Hospital. It sounds odd, but I do enjoy going there, not for the tests, but to see my nurse specialists and consultant as I get on well with them. I like talking to them and letting them know what I've been up to, despite having Pulmonary Hypertension. They're sometimes pretty surprised with what I tell them, but in some ways they're not as after 11 years they know me well now and know that I won't change or let PH hold me back!

So Terry and I drove up to Westfields in Stratford and then got the underground to South Kensington. It really helps with driving half way there, as it's less walking and less exerting walking around the underground lines.

We arrived at the Brompton Hospital at 10.50am, yes 10 minutes early for a change! Haha! I went into my ECHO about half hour later though and both Terry and I nearly fell asleep in there. It's so quiet and dark in the room, it's no wonder we feel sleepy. The sound of my heart pumping usually keeps me awake, but they always seem to take foreverrrrrrr! I think the longest I've been in one is for an hour, but it's good to know they do a thorough check of my heart.

Once the ECHO was finished, Terry and I went to my consultation. We met a lovely new consultant, as my usual one is on maternity leave. She told us that my ECHO scan looked good for me, there hadn't been any change and I was doing well. I have a strong heart muscle too, which I already knew, but it's good that it is still going strong! 

I then had my 6 minute walk, which went well and has improved since last time. I didn't over do it this time and I paced myself, so knowing it has still improved since 6 months ago is great news.

So overall I had a good visit to the Brompton yesterday and I will be returning again in 3 months time. 

Yes I will always have good days and bad days, but I must remember that when bad days happen and I feel bloody awful, I am strong and I will bounce back.

Just because I have said I am stable, it doesn’t mean I am cured. 

I know I won't ever be able to walk far without being severely breathless or ever walk up any hills or stairs or do house chores or take a full time job and be on Oxygen when I need it, but that's alright. I have accepted my life and I enjoy the now. I have a lovely husband and dog, who I love to bits. My support network is amazing, especially from my mum and Terry and I have a great bunch of close friends, so I am very lucky.  I know I wouldn't be where I am today without them or the Brompton.

I will continue fighting and hope that one day a cure will be found. If not, I will continue to live life to the full. Forever a PHighter! 💜

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