Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Weekend in Wales

Dear Readers,

Terry and I recently celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary! We can't believe it's been 2 years already.. time sure flies when you're having fun!

We decided we would go away this year and so we went to Wales for a long weekend, taking Izzy with us! We stayed at a wonderful farmhouse, with our own hot tub, in a place called Mold, which isn't far from Snowdonia. We highly recommend this stay and loved having our own bungalow to stay in for the weekend. We had it all to ourselves, it was self-catering and situated in the beautiful Welsh countryside. A lot of privacy, which allowed us to relax and enjoy the views and sound of the countryside! If you're ever looking for a place like this, then please click here... Glan Llyn. We would definitely go back and stay here again!

We arrived on the Friday and spent the whole afternoon in the hot tub drinking champagne and eating chocolate dipped strawberries - bliss! It was good to relax after a long 6 hour drive up from Essex. 

On Saturday it was our actual Anniversary and the weather was absolutely dreadful and we got soaked through to the skin, due to Storm Hannah! Unfortunately our train up to Snowdon was cancelled, but we spent the day driving through the mountains and countryside ending up in Betws-y-Coed and then onto the National Slate Museum and having a train ride along the lakes to end the day. It was very cold, wet and windy, but we still had a great time!

On Sunday, I think we were still defrosting from the day before, haha! It had stopped raining, but after such a busy day before, I was pretty exhausted, so we spent the whole day chilling out at the farmhouse and spending time in the hot tub with takeaway pizza! Yes we made good use of our own private hot tub!! After a lot of research, we found a lovely pub nearby, which had just won the best dog-friendly pub in North Wales, and had a delicious Sunday roast. The residents were very welcoming and so friendly!

Monday was soon upon us and we had to do the long drive home! We got up early and headed to the Peak District. We went to a village called Bakewell, which was very dog friendly! So many dogs were there for Izzy to meet, whether outside or in the shops/restaurants. The markets were on, so we had a look around those, and of course ate the famous Bakewell tarts. We then drove home, where I have been sleeping non-stop to build my energies back up!

We had a wonderful stay and it went so quickly. We had brought so so much with us, mainly because we wasn't sure of clothing and the weather, but due to my PH. We had to bring portable oxygen, so I could use it on the journey, as well as in the morning and evening of each day. My mobility scooter also came with us - that was great for all the walking we did, especially having Izzy. There were so many things we had to think of before we went away and again, Terry did a lot of planning to find accessible areas for me and making sure I wasn't over doing it. We visited Conwy Falls (NOT accessible friendly!) we came upon it, so we hadn't researched this place. However we visited the falls and it was down a very steep mountain, how did I get back up? Terry piggy backed me to the top... good workout for his Mud Run this month! Haha!

It was the first holiday where I was actually visible with my PH. In some ways I was happy that I wasn't having to explain myself, ie blue badge, but it also felt strange and I was very conscious to be seen with oxygen and scooting around on my mobility scooter. I suppose it was very difficult to adjust to being visible, but it just goes to show that whatever your age, chronic conditions are real and when you do need that extra support and you shouldn't be ashamed to use it or ask for it wherever you are. My oxygen and mobility scooter saved me from being ill whilst we were away and stopped me from having to take pain killers for my legs and because I didn't have to walk anywhere, I wasn't ever breathless. It really helped having these, so I could enjoy my holiday and not worry about my PH. When my PH does behave on good times like this, it's always a bonus!

Thanks for reading!

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