Monday, 30 December 2019

Thankful For Another Year

Dear Readers,

It's been a while since I've written a blog post and the last time we spoke, I was really poorly. It's been an uphill struggle, but I bring good news in this, my final post of 2019, that I am finishing the year feeling strong with my PH.

I had my iron infusion and my health still hadn't improved, but luckily with a change of medication a month before my 29th birthday, I started getting stronger again. It had felt like I'd been cooped up in bed for months, only getting up to do a bit of teaching and then heading back to bed again. As it is Winter, I am still very breathless with the cold weather, but I feel good within myself. 

I'm now another year older after turning 29th on 13th November. I had my hair recoloured with a golden balayage and had a wonderful day celebrating with Terry. In the evening, Terry, my Mum and I went for a delicious 3 course meal, which was the perfect ending to my birthday. I was so happy that I was well enough to go out and I wasn't having to spend it in bed. As for my birthday cake, we finally took out the top layer of our Wedding cake from our freezer and stuck some candles on it. It was still as delicious as we had remembered!

These last few months of work, I've been rushed off my feet due to Music Exams. I had to make sure all my students who were taking their exams were prepared and confident. I was ecstatic to find out that all their hard work had paid off with Merit and Distinctions as their results!! So huge congratulations to them!! On a side note, I wrote a blogpost for PH News USA on how music helps me and my PH.. take a read here!

Christmas was soon upon us and we had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas is always known to be merry and a happy time, but like many, it is sometimes overshadowed with sadness. Each year we always raise a glass to remember my Dad and this year also Steve, my brother. I can't believe it's been 5 years since we lost my Dad and a year since we lost Steve. I also took this time to think of my PHriends who are sadly no longer with us. It's been another very difficult year of losing PHriends and it never gets any easier, but we are very lucky to have such a supportive PH community.

"To Absent Friends"
Terry and I had a super Christmas at my Mum's. Our friend Vincent joined us too and we all ate far too much food and played lots of games! We've also seen the new Star Wars film and Cats - both films I thought were very good! It's been non stop this festive season, and I'm starting to feel it in my body. I've had to make myself take time out and rest so I can continue to enjoy this time, but I am very thankful to be celebrating another Christmas and having the chance to enjoy special family time. 

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve - I can't believe we will be celebrating the end of 2019. As a year goes, it's had it's fair share of ups and downs, but the good times have been fantastic and I've made some amazing memories. My PH has been like a rollercoaster ride, but I've had amazing support and thanks to the Royal Brompton Hospital PH team, their first class care and supported has helped me through the turbulent times and I can't thank them enough for all they continue to do for me. I also have to quickly mention how grateful I am to the PHA UK for allowing me to run a music workshop at the PH conference this year. It was great fun to share my music passion with my PHriends, and I really enjoyed playing music with them.

Looking forward to 2020, I will be entering the year on a strong healthy note and I can't wait for what will be a very busy and exciting year. 2020 is the year of exciting business expansions for my music company, friend's Weddings and Terry and I are both turning 30!! 

So I continue to pray that I will remain as healthy as possible to enjoy all upcoming events and that I will take the necessary rest when needed. Yes I will never have a day where I will be symptom free, and I will always have my good and bad days, but I will always remember to live life to the full. As my beautiful late PHriend, Stacie said, "life is worth the fight." 

A huge thank you for all of your continuous support & thank you for reading! #NoCureAlwaysHope

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