Monday, 16 March 2020

COVID 19 Pandemic

Dear Readers,

Please watch my video on my feelings of the COVID 19 - Coronavirus pandemic.

Like many of you I’m regularly following the news regarding the Coronavirus. A lot of people think this is a big hype, but when you have a chronic illness, it is still very worrying. Before this pandemic, I worried about getting the flu or pneumonia. All viruses are killers to me. 

Having PH makes me a high risk patient and it is scary to know that if I caught Coronavirus I could potentially die. 

My heart and lungs are already working at their full capacity, so with the coronavirus on top it would be too much for my organs to handle. 

I am going to self-isolate and social distance myself from others. It isn’t going to be nice and I’m not looking forward to it. 

I have been very worried about my music teaching business, but after speaking to other teachers in my situation, I haven’t closed altogether. I have transitioned to online lessons for those who want to continue during this time. I may not be doing many hours due to my PH, but every little helps.

We are very lucky that Terry has a strong and stable job to help us to get through this financially. 

This is a very worrying time for me and it will put a strain on me mentally. But I’m sure we will get through this and I’m very lucky to have Terry by my side, as well as my Mum. I will try to keep as strong as possible. 

I will return to my PH YouTube videos and more blog writing to keep me sane during isolation. Thank goodness I have my piano to play whenever I like too. Also the cuddles of Izzy. 

I hope everyone keeps as well as possible during this time. 

To my lovely my friends, thank you for your support and we’ll keep in touch through WhatsApp, etc. 

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