Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Covid Positive

Dear Readers,

So Covid-19 finally got me and on Tuesday 5th July I tested positive!

We were obviously petrified when I tested positive as I am classed as vulnerable. Having PH, which as you know is a heart and lung condition and only one lung, catching Covid is very serious for me.

I felt pretty rough with low oxygen saturations, thumping headache, sore throat and a heavy cold. It totally wiped me out and I was in bed for the week. The worst symptom for me was the thumping headache. I hate headaches, I get them with my PH, but these were off the Richter scale, bloomin' awful! My throat felt like I had daggers in it and I found it hard to swallow any food and drink. On the third day I lost my sense of taste and smell and I was coughing a lot more. I was fortunate to get a phone call apt with my GP and she prescribed me some strong antibiotics. I started taking these straight away and with antibiotics and doing my daily physiotherapy, I think it definitely helped it from going into a big chest infection.

Terry tested everyday and thankfully he has remained negative. Being the Summer we've had our windows wide open during the day, so I've continually sprayed anti-bac around the house and used anti-back wipes on anything I touched. I was using hand gel all the time, my poor hands were so dry! Everything we shared, we separated and we slept in separate beds, me being in the spare room. We did our best to make sure Terry didn't catch this!

Considering how long Covid has been around and being very careful by isolating during the peaks of covid, I think I've done incredibly well to only have caught it now. However I have had 4 vaccines and I believe it is thanks to these it hasn't been as serious as what it could have been. I let my PH team know straight away and they told me to rest up and drink lots of water. I wasn't allowed to exercise and exert myself, as it would take longer for my oxygen sats to recover. I remained on my home oxygen and Terry walked Izzy morning and night.

I've obviously been off work, but I've had my Izzy by my side and it's definitely helped having her with me, whilst I've been at home. She's kept me going! I'm feeling a lot stronger again and I hope I've built up some antibodies now! I've finally tested negative on day 9 and I got my sense of smell and taste back the other day. I'm looking forward to getting back to my normality!

Thanks for reading!

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