Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Newspaper Article

Dear Readers,
Yesterday Terry and I featured in the Daily Express paper. 

I first featured in the papers back in 2014 to raise awareness for PH. At the time I had just met Terry and I was about to start my Masters Degree in Music Therapy. 
I got a phone call last week from the BHF asking if I would talk to reporters for a follow up story on how I was getting on with my life nearly 4 years on.

This is a great article and shows how difficult life has been and can be but also how positive I can also be whilst living with PH. I hope you enjoy the read.

"She adds: “My hopes for the future are that I will remain stable enough to live a long and happy life.
“There are many medications for me to try before I need a transplant but until that time, with the support of my friends and family- especially my mum and Terry - I’m going to enjoy making the most of every day living with my husband and our dog Izzy. There’s no cure but there’s always hope."

Click here to read the full story.

Thanks for reading!

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