Friday, 20 April 2018

Speaking about PH

Dear Readers,

This screenshot says it all...

It is hard to open up about your feelings when you get diagnosed with an incurable condition. Your mind is all over the place and you just don’t know what to do. I have been there, I have hit rock bottom, it is very difficult! I had no one to turn to that had PH, at the time I was diagnosed and it can be a very lonely time. Thank goodness for the PHA UK, who put me in touch with other PH’ers and made me realise I wasn’t alone!

I now speak out everyday on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about PH and I love raising awareness! We are rare, we are serious and I want people to try and understand what us PH’ers go through!

If it’s only a few that engage then great, but I am most proud that people are coming forward to speak to me personally and allowing themselves to open up about this cruel condition and know that I am there to chat for whenever they need someone to turn to who has experienced or experiencing their PH journey. Also being a trained Therapist I feel I can support them better too! I am not trying to be a counsellor or replace them or get paid for this, I am just another person that is there for them if they want someone to chat to.

I enjoy people sharing their PH stories with me and then sharing mine, as we are all going through the same thing and it isn't easy. For some of us it is an invisible illness and it is hard to cope with. People tell their friends, as much as some do try to understand and support you, it's sometimes easier to speak to someone who does know what you are feeling and going through.

So thank you for having the confidence of chatting to me and please anyone who needs someone to talk to about their PH, then I'm another person that will smile and say hello. You can contact me through Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger.

Thanks for reading!

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