Saturday, 22 June 2019

Reliving Our Childhood

Dear Readers,

On Friday 21st June, Terry and I decided to relive our childhood and return to Legoland, Windsor. It was great fun and pretty cheap too. As a registered disabled adult, we only had to pay for a full ticket for myself and Terry received a carer ticket. My ticket included an all day free refillable drink and lunch - we went to the burger bar!

We got up bright and early and arrived before it's opening time of 10am. We parked close to the entrance in a disabled bay and Terry wheeled us to the gates. We had to register for Q-Bot, which is an app that you get free as a disabled guest, (full adult pay as an extra) and this allows us to skip the long queues and go straight to the front for the rides. It was very handy as the some of the ride queues were extremely long and manoeuvring and sitting in a wheelchair would've been very difficult.

As someone with PH, there were some rides which we didn't do, but even though each ride comes with its health and safety warnings, it is up to the guest on whether they want to go on the ride. As I've been on similar rides beforehand, I knew I would be okay on them, so we went for it! I have been feeling very strong with my health, so we did go on a lot of the rides and we absolutely loved them! Here we are taking the long flume ride... yes we were absolutely drenched at the end! Luckily we were blessed with sunshine and we dried off pretty quickly!

We had a super time and it was definitely the right decision to take my wheelchair. It was very wheelchair accessible and it saved a lot of energy. I was able to stay well for the whole day. I need to thank my amazing Husband Terry, for pushing me around the park all day! It was quite a workout for him, especially on the hills, but he did extremely well! The staff at the park were very friendly and helpful and any difficulties were handled smoothly which made it really enjoyable for us. We loved reliving our childhood and yes I didn't think I'd be returning in a wheelchair, but we loved every minute nonetheless. We stayed there for the whole day and were exhausted by the end, I went straight on my oxygen as soon as we got back to the car!

It's not the furthest journey we have made, but because we knew we would be tired, we decided to stay in a hotel nearby. We stayed at a 4* hotel called Pinewood Hotel and had a delicious dinner. We had an early night as Saturday was another busy day ahead!

We woke up bright and early again and enjoyed a full English breakfast. We packed up and headed straight to Windsor Castle. Again, we only had to pay for a ticket for myself, at a reduced disabled adult rate and Terry got in free as a carer. It was another sunny day and we arrived in time to watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony!

Terry wheeled me around the castle and the grounds and we enjoyed taking in the beautiful paintings, decor and jewels within the castle. This was very accessible friendly and the staff couldn't have helped us anymore. It was a very enjoyable experience and we enjoyed a lovely picnic within the grounds. After looking around the castle, we went to St George's Chapel, where Harry and Meghan got married and took in the breathtaking sculptures within the chapel. We each lit a candle in memory of our loved ones. By the afternoon, we were exhausted and headed home.

Overall it was an extremely busy, but amazing couple of days together. We loved every minute and thoroughly enjoyed visiting Legoland and Windsor Castle. For those who have accessible needs, both places are very accessible friendly and you will have no trouble going around both places. Mobility scooters were also allowed at both places too, either taking your own or hiring (Legoland only). To hire a mobility scooter it is £40 at Legoland, but wheelchair hire is free. Wheelchair hire at Windsor Castle is free too. We can't thank the staff enough for all their help to make sure that we got the best out of our experiences. Taking my wheelchair was a lifesaver for me and meant I could enjoy every moment without being breathless or tiring really quickly! Now we're home, it's time for me to hit the hay and rest! I know this has still taken a lot out of my body energy and I'll be recovering for a few days!

Thanks for reading!

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