Sunday, 7 July 2019

Made In Southampton

Dear Readers,

The summer has come upon us very fast which meant our reunion was here! It was time for us to get together and have a good old catch up. Our reunion was hosted again by Vincent and Mike and we were spoiled with some amazing food creations and an awesome weekend. It's very difficult to get all of us together and unfortunately a few couldn't make it, but we still had a great time. Some of us haven't seen each other for a good year or so, but when we all get together, it's like we've never been apart! 

Our evening was filled with Spanish tapas, cocktails, games and lots of laughter. My favourite part was sitting around the log fire roasting marshmallows.. it sure was good times! We always reminisce of our good times together at Southampton Uni and looking back at our photos! This year marks 10 years since we all started Southampton together... my goodness time flies. We've got jobs, our own homes, relationships, marriages and now a baby amongst our group! How times have changed from clubbing into the early hours to staying at home, drinking and being able to chat to one another without having to shout over deafening music! Haha!

As always, we had a fantastic time and another get together is over... until next time my friends! I am forever thankful for such an amazing bunch of friends. Friends who we can call upon at any time and know will be there. Friends who will listen, cheer each other up, have a good laugh with and generally support each other. 

My friends understand my PH and accommodate my needs. I never have to feel embarrassed or worried about my PH at any time and help me to forget that I even have PH!! This is the kind of friendships people with and without chronic illnesses should have and enjoy. Friendships are very special and if you have found a small group of friends who you know you will go through your life with, then keep that special bond. Friendship doesn't need talking everyday or seeing each other all the time, it's knowing that you are always there for each other.

After driving home Sunday morning, Terry and I went to pick Izzy up from my Mum's. We met her at her local village fete, which always host a fun dog show. We usually enter Izzy each year and this year she finally won 1st place!! Here she is proudly showing off her rosette! Well done Izzy! A super end to a super weekend!

Thank you for reading!

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